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The body and the mind are often presented as separate entities, or even in opposition, in common parlance. There would be the world of ideas and the world of matter, as if one could go without the other.


Recent studies on  on the link between the body and psychology, coupled with the new interest of science for  the knowledge and beliefs coming from cultures other than those which usually nourish it,  physical therapies and  psychological to adopt  more and more  a holistic, inclusive and broad approach.

The study of
  body systems,  like the nervous, digestive or endocrine system, teaches us a lot about the relationships between our environment and our inner world, but also about our inner world itself. Our "me" is a being  with a thousand facets, made  cells,  of  germs, hormones, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and good  other wonders.

Sand Dunes


To find relief from our ailments, there are no shortcuts, we have to cross the reliefs of our body, to discover its habits, its sensitivities, its tissues. Whether the ailments are physical or mental, they are rooted in the relationship that the body has with our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotions, our reactions.

  Tenderness in the neck, pain in the back, heavy legs, poor digestion, chronic stress, feelings of prolonged mental discomfort - these are the results of imbalances in the body, including the nervous system and its thoughts.


The psycho-body support and massage therapy treatments offered by Maud invite you to explore your body, to listen to this voice that has no words.  Discover the information that resides in your sensations and reconnect with this immense part of yourself. Maud guides you on this journey, exploring  with you what makes your landscape: postures, repetitive movements, mobility, stress, emotions and feelings.

Sand Dunes
le sable


Support and care are tailored to each individual, depending on their background, their needs, their current capacities and their objectives.

This support can be in the short term as in the long term, depending on the objectives. It is constantly adjusted to the development of the situation. Together we map your body's territory and each target is an island, mountain or river. You can decide to conquer the island of "lower back pain" for an exploration of 4 to 6 sessions or decide to do this exploration of a lifetime, on a regular basis of 1 session per month over the long term. .  

You are the captain of this expedition. Our mission: to calm your mind. 

le sable
Sable de soulèvement des mains


Whether your needs are physical or mental, it is important to accompany other professionals such as general practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths or psychotherapists and  psychologists.  

We give a lot of importance  To  the complementarity of the care you receive and work  hand in hand with other professionals so that you can build a solid and adapted support network.

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